Saturday, April 25, 2009

Email to Symantec CEO and Board

For CEO and Board re Symantec class action lawsuit

Dear Mr. Thompson, Mr. Salem and other Symantec Board members,

My son has received notice of the class action lawsuit against Symantec Corporation that is pending in the Superior Court in Santa Clara County (

I regret that corporations such as Symantec seem to feel powerless in resisting the predations of plaintiffs' lawyers and that Symantec, like so may other corporations, cannot justify fighting back and chooses to lie down and settle.

I have been notified of being in the plaintiff class in several class actions in the past few years, and I have filed these objections, but to no avail: Objection to attorney fees in Charter Cable class action (2004); Objection in credit card currency conversion class action (2007); Objection in Xerox securities law class action (2008); Objection in Nortwthwestern Mutual Life class action (2008).

My son may file an objection in the Symantec class action, but past experience indicates it unfortunately will be pointless, particularly when the corporation chooses to lie down and settle.

It would be nice to receive encouragement from the Symantec Board, but I suspect that will not happen.

Thank you.


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