Thursday, September 1, 2011

ECOA featured speakers

[Below letter was sent to Gretchen Morgenson, Paula Reynolds and Cheryl Scarboro, featured speakers at the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association annual conference to be held at the end of September]

Re:  Your AECC presentation

Dear Ms. __________,

I am a citizen activist in the business ethics field. I am contacting you by reason of your featured prominence at the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association annual conference later this month.

I am interested in your views about entity level liability versus individual officer and employee liability as means for deterring corporate wrongdoing.

I think this is a difficult subject that likely entails significant countervailing considerations.

Many parties have or should have an interest in the matter, including lawmakers, judges, regulators, state attorneys general, criminal prosecutors, corporate management, ethics and compliance officers, various academics, plaintiffs' lawyers, and consumer protection organizations.

My belief is that the foregoing parties have done an inadequate job in formulating their views on the subject and in communicating with one another about the same.

To try to contribute to remedying this believed deficiency, I have initiated this project to investigate the perspectives, views, analyses, and information the multiple interested parties have concerning the subject of entity level liability versus officer and employee individual liability as a means to deter corporate wrongdoing.

I hope you consider the subject worthy of your consideration and that you will have the opportunity to discuss the same with ethics and compliance professionals whom you encounter at the ECOA annual conference.

Thank you.

Rob Shattuck

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