Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another form of email to HR persons

Subj: HR concerns and plaintiffs' lawyers

Dear ______________,

I am trying to combat plaintiffs' lawyers and seek allies.

HR has concerns that are affected by plaintiffs' lawyers.

One of these relates to business ethics. HR’s interest in its company’s employees should extend as a matter of course to the company’s policies and procedures for propagating ethical business conduct. If something is an impediment to that, HR should want to be aware of it. I contend that the country’s civil liability system as exploited by plaintiffs' lawyers impairs business ethics. I hope you, as an active SHRM member, will take an interest in this topic and read my article at this link: Question for HR- Does the Law Undermine Business Ethics?

A second HR concern is the destruction of value that has taken place in pension plan and 401(k) assets as a result of the worldwide plunge in the financial markets. Millions of employees are worried about their financial security. HR undoubtedly shares those worries, both for the employees presonally and also for company compensation, morale and motivation objectives. As the country tries to stimulate its economy and rebuild financial security, it would behoove all concerned to note the parasitical activities of plaintiffs' lawyers that sap economic and financial resources and that should no longer be tolerated.

Much has been written about how corporate compensation structures led corporate officers and others to abusive disregard for the property of other parties, such as shareholders, bond investors and home buyers, and resulted in great harm. Before the recent collapse in bank shareholder value, you might consider how the plaintiffs' lawyers, fueled by their compensation structure, inflicted their own billions of dollars of damage on innocent bank shareholders, such as in connection with Enron as discussed in this article: Enron's smartest guys, crooks, victims and other saps. Also read about these cases of cookie cutter litigation that plaintiffs' lawyers employ to rob from your company's employees' pension and retirement assets. Tyco: On Snookering Clients Out Of $460 Million ; Objection in Xerox securities law class action; Why aren’t retirement plan trustees screaming bloody murder?

Thank you.

Robert Shattuck
3812 Spring Valley Circle
Birmingham, AL 35223
(205) 967-5586

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