Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ethics Resource Center

Email sent to the directors of the Ethics Resource Center:

Subj: Would the ERC please take a position?

Dear ______________,

Given the vaunted standing of the ERC, I respectfully think the organization should have a reaction to the argumentation I set forth in this online article: Does the Law Undermine Business Ethics?

Such reaction might be one of the following:

1. The analysis and argumentation set forth in your article have been adequately explored already by ethics professionals, and we refer you to the following citations in the literature: _______________________;

2. It is the view of the ERC that your analysis and argumentation do not raise any meaningful issue or question relative to the ERC's mission and activities of the "study and promotion of ethical behavior in organizations worldwide" and 85 years of "champion[ing] ethical business practices by helping organizations strengthen their ethics culture and encourage high standards of business behavior based on ethical values;"

3. It is beyond the scope of the ERC to try to evaluate or make advocacy concerning the nation's civil liability system and how the system affects employee decisions to act or not act ethically; or

4. Your article raises significant issues and questions that ethics professionals ought to consider, and the ERC would like to invite you to participate with the ERC in further investigation, development, discussion, and publication of the ideas in your article.

I very much hope that the ERC can manage a more respectable response than the ECOA (see this letter and links).

Thank you.

Robert Shattuck

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