Thursday, June 10, 2010

Corporate jungle; ethics; cognitive dissonance

Eamon Javers's Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy is "a book that describes the ways in which companies try to figure out what their rivals are up to—or try to counter such efforts."

This corporate jungle would seem to result in a significant quantum of skullduggery, subterfuge, deception and lying that is understood as a way of the world and sanctioned at the highest levels of corporate management.

Query the cognitive dissonance for corporate management that tries to inculcate a code of business ethics for rank and file employees given the foregoing significant sanctioned arena for skullduggery, suberfuge, deception and lying?

Query the cognitive dissonance for rank and file employees who are aware of the same in connection with how they go about trying to uphold the corporation's code of business conduct?

The above cognitive dissonance could be more significant than the cognitive dissonance engendered by the civil liability system per my article Does the Civil Liability System Undermine Business Ethics?

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