Sunday, June 27, 2010

Three Ohio nonprofits

After sending my email to the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations, I sent an email to three Ohio nonprofit organziations that had a video concerning themselves posted on the website of the plaintiffs' lawyers in question. The form of my email to the three Ohio nonprofits was as follows:

Dear ________,

I am writing you related to the video featuring _______ [organization] that appears on the Ohio Lawyers Give Back website .

While I am sure that Dworken & Bernstein seems like a very good friend of __________ [organization] and of other Ohio charities, I think you should do soul searching and critical thinking about what kind of friend they really are..

For your information, I have written the below email to the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations about this. I hope _________ [organization] will give this matter serious consideration.

Thank you.


Rob Shattuck
Birmingham, AL

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