Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another email to candidates

To: ___________
Sent: _/__/2010 ______M. Central Daylight Time

Subj: Voter anger and lawsuit abuse

Dear _______,

I am following up on earlier emailing I did.

Voters are angry in this election.

They are angry about an unaccountable federal government that has run up out of control deficits and national debt, that bailed out Wall Street with sweetheart deals and shortchanged Main Street, and that passed a health care law monstrosity a majority of the voters do not want. Voters are angry about their state and local governments that have gotten themselves in financial straits, with a main contributing factor being outlandish pension and medical retirement benefits promised to public employees to get their votes and their unions' support.

Another thing that voters can be angry about is the way the legal system is exploited by lawyers to enrich themselves to the detriment of society, enabled by judges and lawmakers who don't take steps to stop the lawsuit abuse.

This exploitation of the legal system is counterproductive to the nation's economic recovery. It engenders contempt for the law and it undermines business ethics. Justice is traduced in effectuating large transfers among non-wrongdoing parties (in order to provide lawyers large fees) and in not holding wrongdoing persons accountable.

At the beginning of this year I sent this email about plaintiffs' lawyers to over four hundred announced candidates for the US House of Representatives and Senate. Since then I have done further election campaigning that you may read about here.

As the election campaign enters its final month, I am continuing my efforts to get candidates to state their positions on lawsuit abuse for the benefit of the voters. I hope your campaign has done that or will do that before election day.

Thank you.
Rob Shattuck
Birmingham, AL

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