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Alabama Attorney General Strange

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Subj: The economy, plaintiffs' lawyers, and the Attorney General's office
Dear Mr. Loftin,
Besides the specific matter I contacted the AG's office about recently, I have been making advocacy that class action and other "public" litigation that is pursued by plaintiffs' lawyers should instead be taken on by state AG offices.
I had some particular communications in 2011 with the AG's office about this, which communications you may find here in my blog. I am resuming on the this, including by contacting my Alabama state Senator and state Representative, and further contacting law school deans, and I want to let General Strange know about that.
In Birmingham, we are currently being inundated by TV commercials trolling for a variety of medical injury claims to prosecute, and billboard advertising by plaintiffs' lawyers seems to have increased.
Lots of struggling continues in the economy.. That includes lawyers struggling, which could explain the increased advertising.
The question for our lawmakers and for government prosecutors and regulators (such as the Attorney General), and for all the non-lawyer citizens, is whether societal interests are being properly served by everything the plaintiffs' lawyers do. Proposals for medical malpractice reform seem to be on the table constantly, and the debilitated state of the economy and the problems of governmental debt and deficit may be heightening the attention currently. See this report: States Debating Innovative Approaches to Medical Malpractice Reform | HealthFlock.
I don't know exactly where General Strange stands on this. I hope he and Alabama lawmakers are on the side of societal interests and not on the side of plaintiffs' lawyers interests.
Thank you again.
Rob Shattuck
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Subj: Re: New online contact
Thank you very much for the reply, Clay.
On the issue of entity level liability versus individual officer and employee liability for deterring corporate wrongdoing, as my blog reveals, I have been in contact with the National Association of Attorneys General. Jim McPherson has indicated that NAAG needs to defer to each attorney general formulating that attorney general's view on the subject and NAAG is not in a position to try to investigate and evaluate the questions presented by the issue. If Attorney General Strange considers this a worthwhile issue to take a position on and to publicize the same, I would be very pleased to participate in whatever he would like regarding research and investigation about the matter and making advocacy about the same. Just let me know if Attorney General Strange acts on this in any way, and I will try to link up my own efforts.
Further, on the local front, I have received notice of the Regions Morgan Keegan closed end funds class action litigation, and I am in the process of submitting this objection to the district court in Tennessee. I will follow up with the Alabama Securities Commission on this.
Rob Shattuck

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Dear Mr. Shattuck:
Thank you for contacting the Office of the Alabama Attorney General. We always appreciate hearing feedback from constituents in our great state. As the Director of Constituent Affairs, I am responding to your email on behalf of Attorney General Luther Strange.
We appreciate your feedback on this issue and the resource you provided regarding deterring corporate wrongdoing. I have taken the liberty of sharing your email and the blog post with Mr. Joe Borg of the Alabama Securities Commission who has oversight over all securities issues in Alabama. Thank you again for contacting the Office of the Alabama Attorney General.
Clay J. Loftin
Director of Constituent Affairs
Clay J. Loftin
Office of the Alabama Attorney General
Director of Constituent Affairs
501 Washington Avenue
PO Box 300152
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

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Description: Dear Mr. Strange,
I am writing this online message in follow up to an online message I sent to you last October.
As Attorney General, you might want to ponder this February 18th post "SEC and Citi: Justice for Sale" (URL in Eleanor Bloxham's blog, The Bloxham Voice.
The post registers the public's growing complaint about the lack of individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing and suggests that the SEC regulators themselves may be part of the problem by reason of the revolving door between regulating agencies and the regulated companies, and regulators not being as aggressive as they should be in order to curry favor with corporate management from whom the regulators may seek future employment.
Ms. Bloxham's blog post suggests a case for state attorneys general to make that they are to be more trusted by the public for deterring corporate wrongdoing.
Thank you.
Rob Shattuck
Mountain Brook
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