Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Form of email sent to ECOA conference attendees

From: RDShatt
Sent: 9/18/2009 _____A.M. Central Daylight Time

Subj: To ECOA Chicago conference attendees

To ECOA Chicago conference attendees

I contend that the United States civil law liability system (i) undermines business ethics, (ii) results in a waste of limited corporate resources that could be better deployed in other ways to promote ethical corporate behavior, and (iii) improperly distorts risk assessment and results in the adoption of costly and uneconomic "defensive" corporate practices (like the practice of "defensive" medicine which is currently in the national spotlight as a driver of escalating health care costs that the United States is trying to control).Argumentation in support of my contentions is set forth in this online article of mine: Does the Civil Liability System Undermine Business Ethics?The program brochure indicates that many of the keynote addresses, sessions and presentations scheduled for the 17th Annual Business Ethics and Compliance Conference of the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association being held next week in Chicago will cover topics, discuss issues and raise questions regarding which my contentions, if true, have significant relevance.

I have sent emails to a number of the program speakers in which I make comments and ask questions connected to my contentions. I think conference attendees should be interested in the same. The emails I have sent are reproduced in my blog here (reproduced in the order the presentations by the conference speakers appear in the program brochure). Any responses from the speakers will be reproduced following the email sent to the speaker.

I hope you will read my emails to the conference speakers.

Thank you.
Robert Shattuck

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