Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Form of email sent to exhibitors

From: RDShatt
Sent: 9/22/2009 ______A.M. Central Daylight Time

Subj: ECOA, ethics, compliance, risk management, your company's own business

Dear _________,

Your company offers services related to ethics, compliance and risk management and is an exhibitor at the ECOA conference this week.

I contend that the United States civil law liability system (i) undermines business ethics, (ii) results in a waste of limited corporate resources that could be better deployed in other ways to promote ethical corporate behavior, and (iii) improperly distorts risk assessment and results in the adoption of costly and uneconomic "defensive" corporate practices (like the practice of "defensive" medicine which is currently in the national spotlight as a driver of escalating health care costs that the United States is trying to control).

I have written emails to ECOA conference speakers about my contentions (which emails you may find reproduced here).Given that your company offers services related to ethics, compliance and risk management, my contentions, if true, have a bearing on the content of your services. I hope, if my contentions are true, your company explicitly addresses the same with your clients for their benefit.

Further, as your company's contact representative at the ECOA conference, you are "on the job" for your company and carrying out its business practices. In that capacity, and given your company's business, you should be appreciative of how the courts allow business practices, which may be completely legitimate, to be successfully attacked to the detriment of innocent persons and without requiring any person who is responsible, if the practices are not legitimate, to be held to account. (This could include your company, if it is large enough, and its business practices). (If you would like some examples of this, please find upwards of ten legal cases discussed at links on the left hand side at this webpage under J (particularly this and this), J3 through J6, and J8-J9.)

I hope your company has a profitable exhibition at the ECOA conference.

Thank you.

Robert Shattuck

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