Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Email to Professor Natalie Davis

From: RDShatt
To: ndavis@bsc.edu
Sent: 11/30/2009 6:24:12 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: 2010 Attorney General election; AG&'s getting into bed with plaintiffs' lawyers

Dear Professor Davis,

I am trying to identify academics to whom I could direct the below form of email and from whom I would have a chance of getting a response. Are there any professors at Birmingham-Southern or elsewhere in the state whom you could suggest as targets?

Thank you.

Robert Shattuck

[form of email]

2010 Attorney General election; AG's getting into bed with plaintiffs' lawyers

Dear Professor ______,

I consider an important public issue to be plaintiffs' lawyers and attorney generals getting into bed with them. I wish to try to get this publicized as an issue in the upcoming Alabama Attorney General election race.

My views on the subject are laid out at this blog link of mine: http://robertshattuck.blogspot.com/search/label/E1.%20State%20attorney%20generals

I am contacting you because I would like to find academics who have an area of expertise that specially qualifies them to have view on this subject that are similar to mine and who are willing to express those opinions in a public way.

I hope I hear from you.

Thank you.

Rob Shattuck
3812 Spring Valley Circle
Birmingham, AL 35223
(205) 967-5586

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