Sunday, December 27, 2009

Response from DRI

Sent: 12/27/2009 10:30:37 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: FW: I hope DRI Corporate Counsel committee is sympathetic with my efforts

Dear Robert,

Kelly Freeman, Chair of the DRI Corporate Counsel Committee, forwarded me your most recent message. I have reviewed a number of your blog postings, and I appreciate the concern expressed in your writings. I will respond to your comments on behalf of DRI.

There certainly is a portion of the public and the defense bar who would agree with you about the relationship between our current economic condition and the influence of the plaintiffs’ bar. I do, however, feel that reasonable people understand that the complexities of the U.S. and global economy extend beyond class action lawsuits and other legal machinations of the plaintiffs’ lawyers. Nevertheless, your point is well taken.

Members of the DRI Corporate Counsel Committee are employees of various corporations, and I can assure you that as such employees, they are doing everything possible to protect their employers from the ravages of lawsuits. Such activities are not apparent to the general public, which makes it difficult for individuals to realize the positive impact of their work.

Because DRI is non-political – we do not engage in lobbying activities, and we do not support any political party – we do not become involved in supporting candidates for election at the local or national level. Instead, we focus our energies on our founding purposes: Education of defense lawyers, Justice and the improvement of the civil justice system, Balance as a counterpoint to the plaintiffs bar, Economics – assisting the defense lawyers in the economic realities of the practice of law, and Professionalism & Service.

Thank you for your inquiry.


John R. Kouris
Executive Director
DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar

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