Sunday, December 27, 2009

Suggested campaign message

[Below is an introductory campaign message I am trying to draft for consideration by candidates in the 2010 elections who are interested in the same.]

During the past year and a half, the country has been trying to understand what clobbered our economy and financial system and we are trying to battle our way back to better economic health and prosperity.

Significant sectors of the economy have been brought under close scrutiny by the government and public, and the government is in the process of revamping many of the rules and imposing new controls and limitations to try to solve the country's problems.

Some areas and sectors have not been given scrutiny that is needed, or have been looked at but gotten a pass. As part of my campaign I want to press on those.

If the country thinks that management of banks needs to suffer compensation limitations to help fix the economy, why has there been a failure in the monumental health care reform bills to include medical malpractice reform to bring help bring down costs and help the economy that way? I think a pass is being given there that should not be given.

Indeed, I believe the whole area of tort reform and class action litigation has new need for heightened scrutiny and legislative and judicial action to lessen adverse effects that flow from that domain and that impair the country in its battle to regain better economic health and prosperity.

I am going to develop and put in my campaign platform several specific proposals and ideas.

[end of draft campaign message]

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