Thursday, November 22, 2007

And back to the attorney generals

I also went back to the state attorney generals with this email:

Dear Attorney General _________,

I sent you an email in January soliciting your participation in signing, jointly with other Attorneys General, a letter to be published in The Wall Street Journal setting forth a state Attorney General position related to tort reform. That email was highly supportive of the role of state attorneys general in the use of the law to regulate human behavior to try to reduce the harms to people that are caused by the wrongful acts of others and to achieve loss compensation for victims of these wrongful acts. The text of my January email to you is appended below.

Since January I have sharpened the focus of my analysis in the form of an article about business ethics that has been published online by The Ethical Spectacle at under the article title “Is U.S. Society Serious About Business Ethics?” I have since revised and re-titled my article as “Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are an Impediment to Business Ethics.” My revised and re-titled article is also appended below.

In my efforts to advocate my ideas and contentions in relevant quarters, I would like to disseminate “Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are an Impediment to Business Ethics” to staff members in your state Attorney General office. Would you object to my doing this?

Thank you for your attention to this email.


Robert Shattuck

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