Saturday, November 17, 2007

I got a lot of negative feedback

Set out below, separately enumerated, are negative feedback replies I received:

Mr. Shattuck,

You might possibly find some law professors willing to sign your letter, but I am certainly not one of them. I disagree with almost everything you say.

Tort law has historically had the role of advancing society's concerns for personal safety in ways that have often outpaced the government's vision of reasonable progress and almost always displeased business interests willing to sacrifice safety and welfare in pursuit of profit. Trial lawyers serve a vital role in securing and maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy in this country today.

Please remove me from your mailing list.


Please take me off your list.
I do note that you are not a law professor.

Dear Professor Shattuck:

Please do NOT list me in any way in connection with your effort.

Thank you,

You need medication.

not interested
_ B_______

I do NOT, repeat do NOT, want to sign your letter.


Dear Mr.. Shattuck,

I believe that your criticisms badly misguided. Under no circumstances would I sign my name to your letter.

Dear Sir: I can't join in your efforts as I disagree with your

Dear Mr. Shattuck:

I assume you got my name from some list of people that teach torts. While I do not object to unsolicited e-mails about important topics, I strongly disagree with the position that you have taken. First, I believe plaintiffs' lawyers have done a significant amount of good for this country. Second, even if I were to agree with your premises about the evil that plaintiffs lawyers do, you do not suggest any particular reforms. Which brings me to the the third point: it's apparent that you mean this letter to be an intervention in the current Presidential campaign against John Edwards. Yet you list nothing that Mr. Edwards personally has done in his professional career. For these reasons, among others, I decline your invitation.

I can think of no circumstances in which I would add my name to your draft letter, which I find misleading and offensive. I yearn for the day that we start talking about the enormous fees those lawyers who defend tort cases receive. It would be interesting, for example, to determine how much the tobacco companies paid their lawyers in their decades-long, scorched-earth defense of suits brought by dying or dead plaintiffs (I understand, for example, that the chief negotiator for the tobacco companies in their settlement with the states was being paid $1000.00 per hour). I do not mean to suggest that their not abuses, but they are on both sides. The notion that it is plaintiffs’ lawyers, alone, is preposterous. The answer, therefore, to your question of whether I would sign your diatribe is not just no.. It’s hell no.

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