Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal

This subject will probably touch a raw nerve for many. I will definitely come back to it, but I want to get it kicked off.

In June 2005 I sent this email to Catholic dioceses around the country:

Subj: U.S. Catholic Dioceses: Victims of Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

In my opinion, plaintiffs’ lawyers are victimizing the entirety of the United States.

One of the most egregious cases of this victimization during the past decade is that of Roman Catholic dioceses and their hundreds of thousands of parishioners.

This subject matter is complex and this single email in no way begins to be a comprehensive treatment of either plaintiffs’ lawyers generally or of the sexual abuse scandal that the Catholic Church has experienced.

This email is just a plain and simple statement to your dioceses of the opinion of one lowly citizen of the United States that your dioceses have been subjected to utterly reprehensible and amoral (if not immoral) victimization by plaintiffs’ lawyers, your dioceses are not alone in this victimization, and the entire country needs to recognize the victimization that is going on and take appropriate actions to protect itself.

Having indulged in the foregoing hyperbolic prose to try to catch your attention, I append below for your consideration an exposition that I have made of the situation regarding plaintiffs’ lawyers that I think you will find to be dispassionate and well reasoned.

Thank you for your attention to this email.


[appended "Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are Impediment to Business Ethics"] [currently
Does the Civil Liability System Undermine Business Ethics? ]

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