Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I still couldn't get traction

Two or three law professors expressed interest in signing my revised letter. The law professors with opposing views seemed not to find my more neutral "issue framing" letter any more palatable than my original draft "position" letter. None of them expressed any interest in drafting a position letter for them to sign in opposition to tort reform.

I did not receive in response to my second round of emailing the "pathetic" responses I received in my first go around, although I did take one law professor a little bit to task.

That professor emailed me back as follows:
most of us have more than enough to read and to do than to comment on
things that come in over the transom via (endless) e-mail ... [professor's name and law school]

I replied to this professor with:
Dear Professor ___________,

Thank you for the above reply.

I can only say that this is a subject that is on the national political agenda, and I do not understand the unwillingness I have encountered from the tort law professors I have communicated with to lay out any position (pro, con, or more neutral) for public consumption (such as in the form of a letter to The Wall Street Journal) on this subject about which the professors have expertise they should be willing to give the public the benefit of (particularly taking into account that some of which professors are on the public's payroll).

Robert Shattuck

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