Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back to the law professors

With the publication of "Is Society Serious About Business Ethics?" by The Ethical Spectacle in March 2005 The Ethical Spectacle March 2005, I went back to the law professors with this email:

Dear Professor ____________,

I have received virtually no indication of willingness of tort law professors to participate in a public statement of views regarding tort reform and plaintiffs’ lawyers, whether pro or con, or in a neutral way. Two tort law professors said they would be interested in signing a letter to The Wall Street Journal such as I drafted. Several tort law professors who disagreed with me were summarily dismissive of me, and no professors who disagreed were receptive to a solicitation to work with me in the preparation and submission of an oppositional or alternative statement of position on this subject that is high on the national political agenda.

As a result, I have shifted my angle of approach on the subject to an article I have written entitled “Is U.S. Society Serious About Business Ethics?” I am circulating the article to business ethics publications and to professors of business ethics at business schools. My article has been published online at by a publication called The Ethical Spectacle.

Perhaps this new angle of mine will engender more commentary by academic experts than I have been able to elicit thus far.

Thank you.


Robert Shattuck

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