Friday, November 16, 2007

Tort reform organizations

There are numerous national and state tort reform organizations. Ideally these organizations make their advocacy on behalf of the citizens who ultimately have balanced interests on both sides of the tort reform debate, both as possibly being injured plaintiffs seeking justice and compensation and also as consumers, employees, insureds, investors and taxpayers who collectively bear the costs and burdens of litigation against corporations, insurance companies, doctors, and governments.

There are also trade organizations that seek tort reform, but that come with a bias in favor of business, doctors, accountants, or insurance companies.

Contemporaneously with my emailing to newspapers, I started emailing to medical associations and chambers of commerce along the lines of the following:

"Dear Dr. __________ [this being form that went to medical associations],

"I am citizen who believes that plaintiffs' lawyers are inflicting great damage on our country.

"I believe that the presence of John Edwards on the Democratic ticket should bring to the fore this important issue of the harm and danger of plaintiffs' lawyers.

"I am writing letters to editors of newspapers in North Carolina [this email goingto a medical association in North Carolina] and elsewhere asking them to give a good airing in their pages of this topic during the next three months.

"I am writing this email to you by reason of your position and connection to North Carolina and other medical associations that are laboring to bring about medical malpractice reform.

"Can you put me in touch with any association officers or others who might be able to lend assistance in trying to get North Carolina newspapers and other media to give good airing about why the plaintiffs' lawyers are so detrimental to our society?

"Thank you very much."

I got a some response from medical associations and chambers of commerce, but nothing that went anywhere.

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