Friday, November 16, 2007

Constitutional law professors

I also sent a similar email to constitutional law professors, except that it contained a provocative characterization. Here is the form of what I sent to them.

"Dear Professor __________,

"The candidacy of John Edwards offers the potential of significantly elevating during the election campaign the public's consciousness about plaintiffs' lawyers as an alleged unelected and unconstitutional Fourth Branch of government.

"I hope your constitutional law class this fall will be commensurate in exploring for the benefit of your students the important question of whether and/or the extent to which plaintiffs' lawyers (and cohort judges and sometimes cohort state attorney generals) have usurped legislative branch functions of our federal and state governments.

"I personally, if you were so inclined, would be interested in engaging you in email dialogue on the subject. I would like to learn what source or lecture materials you might utilize for this topic and even what the content of your lectures related to this might be.

"I look forward to any response you give to this email.

"Thank you very much.

"Very truly yours,"

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