Thursday, November 22, 2007

My second stroke of genius (or so I thought)

I contend that the mode of compensation of plaintiffs' lawyers drives them to hold innocent persons liable, because the persons who are actually culpable of a wrongdoing are too few, and do not have deep enough pockets, for the plaintiffs' lawyers to get the compensation they seek. I further contend that this going after innocent parties has a counterproductive effect that it distracts society from going after the culpable persons, would be wrongdoers see the opportunity of shunting off to innocent parties the fiancial costs and punishments if their wrongoing is discoverd, they see short term gain for themselves in engaging in the wrongdoing, and they opt for engaging in the wrongdoing.

I saw the foregoing phenomenon as undermining the inculcation and practice of ethical business behavior by employees of corporations.

I thought I would contact ethics journals, organizations and academics and corporate ethics officers with my ideas.

See F. Ethics professionals

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